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Our Solutions

Our solutions save our customers countless days, weeks and months in data discovery, writing specifications, designing and writing code.  We speed up time to market by utilizing our proprietary AI engine to recognize dataset inputs, translate them into metadata and generate full data warehouse and pipeline codebase based on this metadata.  Code generated by PLEXI incorporates industry best practices derived from several decades of our teams’ combined experience in building and managing simple data solutions for complex environments. Our team then further customizes this auto-generated code to instantiate a complete operational data platform.  Our typical customer goes from zero to proof of concept (PoC) in under two weeks.

Servies: Header
By Maturity

Green-field development & startups

  • Rapid complete data platform instantiation

  • Data platform operation

  • Outsourced CTO & CDO office function

  • Data governance program implementation

Brown-field development & established environments

  • Adaptations to existing data and technology infrastructure

  • Data management expertise

  • Augmentation of existing technology teams

By Type of Service

Agile data warehousing

  • Data Modeling & Data Integration Pipelines

  • Data Feed Cataloging & Monitoring

  • Data Quality Monitoring

Agile code lifecycle management

  • Database project & repository setup

  • DevOps pipeline implementations

  • Database cloud Infrastructure setup

Masking & data privacy

  • Rapid delivery of data masking solutions

  • Expertise in data privacy implementations

SQL Server & python Expertise

  • Technical expertise in SQL Server-based solutions

  • Technical expertise in Python-based implementations

By Industry


  • Large library of market data vendors adapters

  • Rapid development & integration of custom data source adapters

  • Rapid custom data warehouse & data mart modeling

  • Library of standard data & dataset delivery quality rules

  • Rapid implementation and integration of custom data quality rules

  • Custom analytics & visualizations

  • Data platform cloud infrastructure management

  • Compliant data security solutions

  • Bespoke general technology solutions


  • HIPAA compliant data masking solutions & data privacy protection

  • Data warehouse & data mart modeling

  • Custom analytics & visualizations

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